Voice of Customer Analytics

Speech Intel’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence service can help your business extract high value business insights from Voice of Customer channels like Call Center, Forum, Email, Social Media and Chat.

Voice of Customer Metrics

Ever wanted to analyze your customers’ valuable feedback and recommendations? With Speech INTEL’s patent-pending technology, you and your team can glean valuable data from customer support calls, email inquiries, forums, social media chatter, and live chat services, therefore better preparing your company for future success

Sentiment, Emotion and Keyword Spotting

Emotion doesn’t transfer well to paper - until now. Speech INTEL’s sophisticated learning algorithms can process and interpret emotional signals during customer support calls and help companies better understand consumer frustrations, positive reactions, and anger to improve their service and customer experience.
  • Speech INTEL's focuses on converting speech to high quality text using their Speech Training Platform, is core quality results 
    Amy - Customer Care Manager
  • This is next-generation technology is transforming our contact center efficiency
    Ed - COO
  • Voice of Customer is core to our business, and Speech Intel has helped us hear our customer voice, loud and clear!
    Kevin - Community Manager

Recommendation Engine

Utilizing a custom-built AI-based recommendation engine, Speech INTEL can support businesses by providing sophisticated, actionable insights into products, services, processes, and people, allowing a lean, data-based path forward for you, your customers, and your entire organization.

Personalized Dashboard

Your customer voice are now transformed to actionable visualization with personalized dashboard. Accessible via any connected device, you and your team can see exactly what you want, seamlessly connected to your business’ unique needs.

How we do this?

Human-aided Speech to Text Training Platform

We believe in quality data which yields trust worthy results. Our patent pending human-aided speech to text training platform leverages sophisticated speech recognition systems and highly efficient, distributed  human editing process converts the speech to high quality text for further processing. 

Natural Language Understanding

Our proprietary Voice of Customer algorithm further analyzes the text data for customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, emotions like anger, fear or happy and extracts highly sensitive keywords for proactively capturing red alters. 

Self Learning Engine

Our Recommendation engine further provides actionable next steps around  product, people and process feedback

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